XP out of date image

Replacing XP?

Don't buy a new laptop or PC just because it seems slow or it's running XP. Resurrect your trusty machine without spending money.

Free open source software can do just about anything that your computer was doing before.

If you were (or are) using Windows XP, which is no longer supported, then upgrade to a free, stable and secure operating system containing all the above software.

See the links above.

Running Windows 8/8.1?

If you have Windows 8 or 8.1 and find the block icon Start Menu difficult and confusing, why not try an easy-to-use modern operating system that behaves in the way you are used to.

You can try it without making any changes to your machine. See the OS link above.

Running Windows 7?

If you're using Windows 7, there are excellent packages for Office, emails, image editing, desktop publishing, drawing, sound and video editors and players, music notation input and editing - all free.

See the links above